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            contact us

            Anhui Shuangli Machine Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

            Address: Bowang Special Economic Zone Industrial Park, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province,243131 China.

            Contact: Sun Jian
            Tel: +86-0555-6768858 6769158
            Fax: +86-0555-6761866

            Mobile phone: 18655551166
            Postal Code: 243131

            Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Bo Wang Dang Branch
            Bank account :12 -720,201,040,004,171
            VAT number: 340521771140204

            Dream World (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

            Address:Room 2702-2703,No.2911 North Zhongshan Road,  Putuo District, Shanghai,200063,China

            Contact: Sun Jian
            Tel: +86-021-68902796
            Fax: +86-021-68903769
            Mobile Phone: 18655551166 
            Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shanghai Branch Pu Ming Road

            Bank Account Number: 100130029000013157

            VAT number: 310116002830228

            E-mail:  sales5@dwsl-china.com