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            Machine Tool Group to upgrade for bulk orders Fast dry cutting machine

            Release date:2013-7-12 Views:1799

            Recently, Chongqing Machine Tool Group and the country's largest auto gearbox manufacturer Shaanxi Fast Group signed a nine YS3126CNC6 high-speed dry cutting hobbing machine orders, which is the first batch of domestic dry hobbing cut off into the mainstream automotive gears manufacturers, marking machine transformation and upgrading of the Group has achieved significant results.

            Since the financial crisis, Machine Tool Group to increase innovation, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, aimed at the domestic wind power, energy, mining, shipbuilding industry, the demand for large machine tools and the upgrading of the automotive industry demand for machine tools for dry cutting, made ??large machine tools industry and high-speed dry cutting tool industry two projects. Large-scale machine tools, has developed YD31125CNC6, Y31320CNC6 other processing machine tool diameters up to 3200mm and realized YD31125CNC6 volume sales. Dry cutting machine tools, the development of a new generation of dry cutting hobbing YE3120CNC7, YS3126CNC6 other high-speed dry cutting hobbing. Which YE3120CNC7 participated recently held in Nanjing, China CNC Machine Tool Fair, aroused strong repercussions in the industry. The winning project YS3126CNC6 Fast dry cutting gear hobbing machine is the machine we have just developed a new product, to achieve mass-market demonstrated its leading technology strength and a good brand.

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